Oralicious Sex Cream

ORALICIOUS  Sex Cream brings a whole new level of excitement when it comes to Intimate play! This amazing cream not only numbs and tickles the throat, but also has a smooth/cooling rich taste and aroma, which provides both partners a euphoric experience, that will leave you both hungry for more! Massage it in,lick it off and feel your Erogenous Zones come alive! Enhance YOUR Summer Fling with some great oral-friendly products . We’re providing links to other items Banana Split,Strawberry and Pina Colada

2 oz


For The Guys:

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Even MORE Head

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This summer, we added a special page for bulk LifeStyles condoms. If you’re expecting to give or receive some tasty “head” this summer, head over to our LifeStyles “Bulk” page, where you’ll see condoms selections of 9,24 and 45 (and multiples thereof). Scroll through until you find LifeStyles Luscious Flavors.

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Our easy-to-use shopping cart will guide you through the purchase steps; Shop for a friend. Oralicious Sex Cream  for those “getting to know you moments”. Naturally, all our oral products are posted as non gender specific.

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Your Oralicious Sex Cream is shipped to you in a plain brown wrapper, or postal container, with only our (real boring) return address in the corner. A Canada Post tracking number will be forwarded to you.

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