Raw cookie dough may be dangerous, but this Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie
Heating Lubricant , packed in a 144/count container from WET® Warming Desserts® is safe for consumption anytime,
anywhere. Dollop a drop or two onto your partner, then blow on the applied areas to
activate a gentle warming effect. Use as needed to supplement your natural moisture
and enhance intimacy. Heat up the bedroom with this delectably flavored
WET® Warming Desserts® lube.
 Sugar-free dessert flavor
 Gentle warming effect with motion
 Great for massage or use as lubricant
 Compatible with latex
 Easily washes with warm water
Ingredients: Glycerin, Flavor/Aroma
Usage and tips:
To use, apply a small amount to the area of the body you wish to lubricate. Gently warms with motion.
Blow on applied area to activate warming effect. Reapply as desired. Easily washes with warm water

Take a bowl of WET® Desserts to your Student Union Building.WOW! them with the choice of flavors.

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