WET® Warming Desserts® Lubricant

Take Your Oral Sex To A Whole New Level

The Feeling

The feeling your partner will get when you put some of WET® Warming Desserts® Fresh Delicious Donuts on their body will be amazing! Once the lubricant is applied to an erogenous zone and blown on, it will gently warm, sending pleasurable sensations throughout your lover’s body. Also, you can mix it up with this product as it can enhance the pleasure of vaginal and  oral sex.  there is a big plus here too: Masturbating with this product gives an awesome warming sensation to the user’s genitalia for solo play as well. May is “Masturbation Month”.Here are some tips for celebrating 

Don’t worry…these lubes are calorie-free, so you won’t be cheating on your diet.

Available in 3 Sizes PLUS…the handy 144/Bowl. (see below)

10 ml: For your little morning lick. Gift choice for friends/partners. Travel Pack

1 oz: Great Travel Pack for those on-the-go.Pick up a few for friends/partners. Swingers’ Party hand-outs.

3 oz: Better-Than-A-Tim-Bit size. For those committed to a lasting bedroom romp.

Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fresh Delicious Donuts, Pie A-La-Mode and Cinnamon Roll with your partner for heightened intimacy and sweet satisfaction.

  • Water-soluble
  • No bitter after-taste
  • Sugar and paraben free
  • Stain-free and lightweight
  • Latex compatible
  • Ideal for foreplay, oral, intercourse, and massage
  • Washes away easily with water

You can purchase any of these as stand-alone items, or “Go Turbo”with a purchase of a 36 or 144/bowl of selected flavors.

A 36-Bowl of  1 oz sized Wet® Warming Desserts® Lubricants is the perfect accompaniment to your women’s product party, or to your Student Union celebrations.

Winter: Bring along this 36/Bowl and contribute to your Apres-Ski Social.

Bring a jar of 144 Chocolate Chip Cookie flavors to your next gathering.That could be your Women’s Party Night, a Swingers-Give-Away party, or as part of your Youth-Group discussions about sexuality and Safer Oral Sex.

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