Wicked Sensual Care  Personal Lubricants-Foil Packs

There is an extensive range of personal lubricants on the market today, most of which are available in 1 to 8 oz bottles. Many companies however have not overlooked the “single serving item”, which is available to our customers in foil packs.Wicked Sensual Care Lubricant-Mocha Javs

For Those Who Want Just a Little Wicked

Wicked Sensual Care Lubricants in the handy “single-serving packettes” allow you to explore a range of lubricants without investing in full bottled items. You may then choose the personal lubricant that best meets your needs.

Perfect for adventures on the move, Wicked Sensual Care Flavoured Lubes-Sample Packs  consist of travel-sized packettes  containing mouth watering flavor and a slippery.

If you are on the move,and headed for another travel adventure, take some of the sampler lubricants in the 3ml packettes.  Airline carry-on allowable.You can sample each flavour, or order multiples of a specific flavour.Look at these as the “Try-Out Sets”before you graduate to the full 2 or 4 oz sizes listed on this separate page.

Here are the flavours which you can order in packettes.

Candy Apple

Cinnamon Bun

Salted Caramel

Mocha Java

Wicked Teaser 10 Pack

You can purchase all of these flavors in ONE single pack of 10 foils,which also includes a foil pack of Wicked Love Toy Cleaner

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