Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glide-3 ml Size

Intimate Earth has unleashed sample packettes of Oral Pleasure Glide.Indulge your sweet tooth, or just be a Little Cheeky, a Little Naughty, or even a Little Bananas.

We can do that for you at Condoms Canada. Besides featuring the larger 120 ml/4 oz bottles of these tantalizing glides, we’re generating more choices for our customers through the sample packs.

Order a few..order many. If you’re holding a “show and tell” for your women’s group, or if you just want to try different flavors yourself during quality alone time, or even with a partner.

Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glide-Smaller Is Sometimes Better

Be Teacher’s Pet with Cheeky Apples.

Be a Little Bananas with Banana Cream Pie

Be a Little Naughty with Naughty Nectarines

Life is Like a Little Bowl of  Wild Cherries

Stop and Smell the Fresh Little Strawberries.

To make your Big Night Out, or that “Surprise Hook-up”more healthy,tasty and enjoyable, order a few of each and compare them, so that you can really indulge yourself later with the full 120 ml bottle.

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