Non Lubricated Condoms

Why use a Non Lubricated condom?

This is the condom to use that gives you additional freedom to use your own lubricant, rather than relying on the lubricant that is already available in lubricated condoms. LifeStyles Non Lubricated condoms ARE latex condoms, with very little or no latex cent.There are no ribs or studs to consider when wearing one of these.

By adding your own lubricant, you’re still in control ,whether you are using a flavored lubricant  for some tasty oral sex, or using any of our Silicone Lubricants for extended play or for anal sex.

Here Are some Suggestions: Water-Based Lubes

Wet Warming Desserts

Wet Hemptation

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Swiss Navy Silicone

Jo System Silicone

Wet Uranus

Wet Platinum Luxury Lubricant

We feature a range of water-based lubricants as well as silicone based lubricants as well as some Hybrid Lubricants for those that want to try the best of both worlds. You can also find some Organic Lubricants on our site at the link provided.

Avoid any oil-based lubricants and masturbation creams.

LifeStyles Non Lubricated condoms are available in strips of 24-48 or 72/count.

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