LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms-Economy Pack

Feel more of your partner(s) with LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms. These non latex condoms  are made from sturdy polyurethane,a synthetic material which is a big PLUS.,because,unlike regular latex condoms, polyurethane transmits body heat, so that you experience a more natural feeling, and closeness to your partner. The sensation of skin-to-skin contact also provides a softer and more comfortable experience.

If you are a sufferer from rubber latex allergies, then these are the condoms that will make your sex-life more bearable

As well,unlike latex condoms, SKYN condoms can be used with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Features: BIG PACKS

Get more condoms per order,which is why these are featured on a separate page from the 10/packs.You can order up the medium-economy 22/pack, or the “friends-with-benefits” 36/pack.

  1. No need to open several 10 packs to serve up at a student Orientation Week.
  2. Keep an economy pack handy at your local Public Health counter/nurse’s station
  3. Social/Youth Agencies: Carry a box of SKYN during your Street Link/Stroll support meetings.
  4. Keep on hand at your Escort/Sex Worker agency
  • 20% thinner compared to SKYN Original Condoms
  • Made from SKYNFEEL™, a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex
  • Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity
  • Straight shape with reservoir end.
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