LifeStyles SKYN Cocktail Flavors

Is there some way that one could slide in the subject of “sex”,and mention “Cocktails”at the same time.? This selection of LifeStyles SKYN Cocktail Club Condoms could be your “ice-breaker”. Not only can you enjoy some great (and safer) oral sex, but you’ll actually pass a breathalyzer on the drive home from your partner’s place.

THREE FLAVORS: Pina Colada. Cherry Sunrise. Passion Daiquiri

LifeStyles SKYN condoms are made with SKYNFEEL™, a technologically advanced polyisoprene material that’s completely free from natural rubber latex,which means those who experience or suspect latex allergies can use LifeStyles SKYN  Cocktail Club condoms without having an allergic skin reaction such as delayed hypersensitivity (type IV), latex allergy (type I) or general skin irritations.
  • Natural Color
  • Nominal Width:53mm
  • Long Lasting Extra Smooth Lubricant

If used correctly,LifeStyles SKYN condoms help reduce the risk of pregnancy, transmissions of HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections.

LifeStyles SKYN Cocktail Club condoms are perfect for safer oral sex.No latex smell or scent. You be the bartender tonight!

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