LifeStyles Dual Protect Condoms

Dual Protect condoms from LifeStyles brand contains a special gel that has been able to deactivate as much as 99.9% of viruses in laboratory testing, including but not limited to HIV, the herpes virus and HPV.

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The Dual Protect™ condom with patented VivaGel® lubricant is a latex condom for contraception and STI protection, giving you confidence in protection without compromising your pleasure.

Market Watch News

Ansell Introduces World’s First Antiviral Condom To Canadian Market

Since we introduced LifeStyles Dual Protect through our site, the products has become our hottest seller with our USA customers.

Headline: Australian Press: Anti-Viral Condom Launched In Canada.

The world’s first anti-viral condom featuring technology developed by Australian biotech company, Starpharma, will now be sold in Canada.

The condom, sold by Ansell under the LifeStyles Dual Protect brand, features antiviral compound VivaGel, which Starpharma says inactivates HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HSV (herpes simplex virus) and HPV (human papillomavirus).

It’s the first time the VivaGel condom is available in North America, marking a major commercial milestone for the product.

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