LifeStyles SKYN Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN Non Latex condoms are made of a synthetic Polyisprene. These products conduct body heat, unlike regular latex condoms. Perfect for those with latex allergies or for those that a looking for a more “natural” feeling.

More About Latex Allergies.

LifeStyles SKYN is now available in a number of styles to meet the more specific needs of our customers.

LifeStyles SKYN Large

LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel A great Addition to the “SKYN line” of condoms. Now you can have it all . . . a non latex condom with a wave design texture and intensely raised studs to maximize stimulation and pleasure. This 10-pack combines the strength of latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom.

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Discover a more sensual feeling with SKYN Elite condoms. They’re thinner than original condoms to give you the sensation of skin-to-skin contact.

LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded. Wave design texture with intensely raised studs.Straight shape,natural color

LifeStyles SKYN Selection.

Here is what you get in each pack:

  • SKYN Original
  • SKYN Extra Lube with silky,long lasting lubricant
  • SKYN Intense Feel