LifeStyles Condoms

 LifeStyles Lubricated;LifeStyles Ultra Trial condoms,LifeStyles BareThin,LifeStyles Ultra Studded,LifeStyles King (large size),LifeStyles Snugger Fit (smaller size in 3/packs only), LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed, and LifeStyles Natural Feeling.

LifeStyles also has a range of non latex condoms (polyisoprene). these are suitable for people with latex allergies, or for those that want a more natural skin-to-skin feeling. Polyisoprene transmits body heat, so that you feel more of your partner(s). Use water-based lubricants.

Here’s the list of SKYN Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN Original

LifeStyes SKYN Intense Feel(Studded).

LifeStyles SKYN Selection– Mixed Pack

LifeStyles SKYN Elite-Thinner

LifeStyles Ultra Studded