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 LifeStyles Lubricated;LifeStyles Ultra Trial condoms,LifeStyles BareThin,LifeStyles Ultra Studded,LifeStyles King (large size),LifeStyles Snugger Fit (smaller size in 3/packs only), LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed, and LifeStyles Natural Feeling.

LifeStyles also has a range of non latex condoms (polyisoprene). these are suitable for people with latex allergies, or for those that want a more natural skin-to-skin feeling. Polyisoprene transmits body heat, so that you feel more of your partner(s). Use water-based lubricants.

 LifeStyles SKYN Condoms

LifeStyles also presents a non latex condom under the SKYN label. LifeStyles SKYN condoms will be of interest to those who suffer from, or who may tend to be affected by latex allergies. As well, LifeStyles SKYN allows the user to feel MORE of their partner, since there is a transfer of body heat between the partners., unlike a regular latex condom.

LifeStyes non latex condoms are available as follows:

Regular SKYN-lubricated

SKYN Large; more room-lubricated

SKYN Extra Studded

SKYN Elite:Smoother,silkier, lubricated

SKYN Cocktail Club: The only line of LifeStyles condoms that is both non-latex and flavored. the best of both worlds for safer oral sex.

LifeStyles Condoms Canada delivers the best range of condom styles to suit a variety of our customers’requirements.

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