Anal Lubricants-Safer Sex

The Bottom Line

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based personal lubricants are water-soluble and are the most widely used personal lubricants. The earliest water-based lubricants were cellulose ether or glycerin solutions. Products available today may have various agents added for even dispersal, moisture retention, and resistance to contamination. Because water-based personal lubricants absorb into the skin and evaporate, most water-based lubricants have a tendency to dry out during use, but reapplication of the lubricant or application of water or saliva is usually sufficient to reactivate them. When the lubricant eventually dries out, it may leave behind a residue derived from the other ingredients in the formulation. This may require reapplication during sex, and/or removal of the residue with water. Some newer water-based lubricants are formulated with natural skin moisturizers, such as carrageenan, and may not leave a sticky residue after evaporation. Carrageenan has also been shown to be a potent inhibitor of human papillomavirus infection. You will find products on our pages which contain carrageenan derivative in them.See Sliquid Organics Carrageenan.

Typical water-based lubricants may be incompatible with sex acts that occur in water (such as in a bathtub, pool, or hot tub) as they can be dissolved or dispersed in water

Sliquid Swirl

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua

Silicon-Based Lubricants

Silicon lubes are made of silicon. They last longer than water-based sex lubes and are usually not compatible with silicon-based sex toys.  Silicon lubricants are soft, slippery and well-suited for latex condoms.

Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant.

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Intimate Earth Sooth Anal Lubricant

With anti-bacterial extract for safer sex.