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Shunga Strawberry-Champagne Lubricant

Strawberry-Champagne:No black tie required. Just pop the cork and enjoy the fizz!Now you can enjoy Shunga-Toko flavored lubricants to add some variety to your choices of lubricant

Taste! Taste! Taste! It makes all the difference. TOKO “Aroma” is the only lubricant on the market with absolutely no aftertaste. TOKO “Aroma” has been created with one thing in mind: a delicious candy taste to excite and guide your senses; and an ultra long-lasting silky smooth sensation to really feel your partner. Three great flavors!:

Melon-Mango – Peach-like and juicy! A “Honeydew Day”. . .”honey do this. . .honey, do that!

Tangerine Cream – Tangerine-a fruit that is pliable, loose, juicy and eaten readily! Sounds good to us!

Latex-safe. Sugar free. (165 ml bottle). (5.5 fl oz)

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