Condoms Online-Personal Shopping From Home

“Why Buy Condoms Online?”Good question…we used to get asked that a lot,when we started the company, PBW Resources back in 1996.We simply took the initials of “Plain Brown Wrapper”,and applied it,and called the website were back in the “early days”.

We have actually had the experience of purchasing condoms from store-front retail outlets.It isn’t much fun, and lingering at the condom display gets those knowing looks from the other shoppers.

Buy Discreetly Online:

Thousands of our customers visit the online store,because they know that they can shop anonymously and without being rushed.They also know that they have other choices to promote their sexual health by picking up some lubricants,candles and even the odd vibrator or two. Try taking those in one armload to your retail check-out .

Chances are that your local retail outlet does not have the health-trained staff on hand to process your order or to ask questions about getting tested for STI’s(Sexually Transmitted Infections) .We have the staff on hand to do that, trained in both Hospital Management and Infectious Disease Laboratory Management.

We also track trends in the spread of sexually transmitted infections,as well as impacts on various communities,both local (Canada), as well as international.

Multiple Choice Products.

Sure…you can pick up other things at your retail pharmacy outlet: cold medications,potato chips and maybe a pair of flip-flops.

We have other shopping choices available to you as well. Condom brand name products ,such as LifeStyles,Durex and Trojan brands for condoms,but also

As Close As Your Fingertips:

“Gee…Devonport is a long way to ship” Sure it is…but we service customers from there, as well as other points in Australian States ,as well as glacier lodges in New Zealand or a residence in Guandong,China. We’re there for all the residential districts of our customers,and our experience as an online supplier is testament to that success.

Original Retail Packaging:

Our customers receive the original retail packaging, in the form we receive it from our distributors.Some people might argue “Why buy the box?”,when in fact, the “box” provides some of the most important information for the health care of our customers. Our products haven’t had unknown fingers pull the contents out of the box to make up single items, or “strips” of condoms for easier (or cheaper) shipping methods. You get the complete packaged product.If it takes $35.00 to mail to “Pile of Rocks” off the coast of the UK…so be it. The customer only pays the posted rate  (for international postage) on our site.


PBW Resources(Condoms Canada) was originally established as a mail-order supplier back in 1996.We advertised through print media throughout Canada, and met with a measure of success. Then, sometime in 1999,after a couple of false starts,we launched our first web site,managed some revisions over the years,and concluded with a final rewrite in 2017. We have been at this for awhile,and the evidence of our success lies in the confidence of our customers , some of whom return many times for various personal supplies.


Every transaction has had its origin with a relationship between us and the condom manufacturers/ distributors. Over a period of 20years,we have developed those relationships so that we can bring quality brand-name products to YOU(our customers), and so,build another relationship based on trust and confidence. You can see that in the range of products seen on our pages.

LifeStyles Condoms…….Trojan Condoms...and Durex Condoms…all represented here, and all of which contributed to the establishment of the various pages that you see on our site.

We have also added a range of products to meet the demands of our female customers. We now offer a full range of Lubricants,Massage Oils and Candles,Oral Sex Gels Feminine wash products and Toys .

Enjoy the browse.